Roger Federer shares thoughts on difficult times of tennis


Roger Federer shares thoughts on difficult times of tennis
Roger Federer shares thoughts on difficult times of tennis

In a press conference in Madrid Roger Federer has given his thoughts on Justin Gimelstob leaving the ATP Board after being involved in an assault case and Chris Kermode not being the ATP Chief Executive from 1 January 2020 anymore.

The American met Novak Djokovic, the Player's Council president, in Marbella. Federer said: "I haven't thought about it really a whole lot, about Chris's situation because I saw it in isolation. For Justin, you know -- yeah, I mean, I don't know exactly the process, when the votes are happening, when the new CEO, all this stuff gets decided.

But he'll probably -- anyway it may be should be put back into the thing, you know -- I don't know what you call that -- in the mix, good word. But then again I don't know if he would want to be after everything that happened.

Sometimes when these things happen, it is like okay, I had a good run, and it's okay to go. So I don't know what -- I haven't seen Chris for some time now. I only saw him briefly in Indian Wells and I haven't spoken to him at all so I don't know where he stands.

And in light of the Justin situation, I think it's definitely the right move by Justin. He needs to go back and figure things out. There is no doubt about that. And the Tour needs to keep moving forward in these challenging times and important times right now.

So I was speaking to also to some of the players on the Council to get a feel where they were standing -- was it last weekend or the weekend before that when everything was brewing? And I'm happy that the decision was taken by Justin and that now we can move forward and really like to learn from what had happened also."

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