Madrid conditions suit Roger Federer, says del Potro


Madrid conditions suit Roger Federer, says del Potro
Madrid conditions suit Roger Federer, says del Potro

In a press conference in Madrid Juan Martin del Potro was asked who according to him are the favourites to win the Madrid Open. The Argentine, who is playing his second tournament of the year, said: "For sure, I'm not the favourite player in this tournament right now.

Of course, Rafa Nadal is one of the favourite players because Rafa dominates, and on clay, I think that Dominic Thiem is one of the players that can beat Rafa. Well, Roger Federer is playing here too and the conditions I think they suit him, they are good conditions.

It suits his game. And after that, in this tournament, we have also seen surprises in the past, of powerful players, that they serve well and there are a lot of players like that on the circuit. Of course, the favourite players are always the same ones, and while Novak is the No.

1 and all that he represents, he will be in that list, right. He will be a favourite player to win this tournament." On David Ferrer's retirement from tennis, the 30-year-old replied: "One of the big players is retiring this week and one of the best lads that we have around the circuit and I have faced a lot of matches against him.

And I am very happy to see him retiring in good shape, surrounded by his people, by his crowd, in a city like Madrid, in front of his wife, and I have good words towards him because of all of the good things that he has done in this tournament.

Because of his behaviour out of the court, I think he's been an example for all of us. I just hope all the best for him in this new era of his life and we're going to miss him a lot. Maybe not playing against him because he made you run a lot (smiling)!

It is always going to be a good chance to be close to him and he is a really nice lad. On the personal side, a friend is retiring because I consider him a friend, I just really like him and me, as I always said, I want all the best for him and he deserves it. Of course, he deserves everything that might come."

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