We cannot be as consistent as Djokovic and Federer, says Pliskova

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We cannot be as consistent as Djokovic and Federer, says Pliskova

The WTA Tour is very balanced and there has not been a dominant player for years. In an interview to Mundo Deportivo ahead of the Madrid Open the Czech player Karolina Pliskova commented about this topic making a comparison with the ATP.

"Until that Petra Kvitova won in Stuttgart, this year we had a different champion every week. It's very difficult to be consistent, especially for us. One week you play unbelievable and the other you do not feel comfortable.

We are not men and we cannot be consistent for, let's say, ten years, like Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. It's very hard to be for a long time at the top. Andy Murray was a different player than others, we miss him because he was caring about the others and he was supporting the women", said Pliskova.

Conchita Martinez will keep being Pliskova' main coach in the rest of the season as well. The Spaniard said: "We want to add more variety to his game, trying to be less direct but without losing the aggressive game, her essence: a bigger movement, ending points at the net..."

"We made a good team with her. We like to set goals together", added Pliskova, who commented about the success of Czech tennis: "The history of tennis in my country is enormous. We have good coaches, good clubs and we women are doing a very good job."

Karolina also won three titles in doubles with her sister Krystina. "I am not thinking about that but no one can understand how close we are, we spend a lot of time together, we speak on a consistent basis and it's great when we coincide in a tournament because we share many things off the court."