Roger Federer praised by Rios for winning without having amazing body

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Roger Federer praised by Rios for winning without having amazing body

In an interview with La Tercera, the former world no. 1 Marcelo Rios commented on Roger Federer's legacy in tennis. The Chilean said: "The best tennis that this sport has ever had is Roger Federer. I have a great relationship with him on the Tour.

When I played, he used to serve and volley and he was not doing that well but he now plays from the back of the court. You win Wimbledon so many times through this game, which makes him unique. Without having an amazing body, he always wins titles.

Roger is one of the best athletes ever." On Toni Nadal claiming Rios has no personality, Marcelo added: "I do not know Toni Nadal and I do not care what he says about me. I once said that Nadal, if he played back in my time, would have been beaten by me and that Andre Agassi at his best would have easily beaten him.

But someone misunderstood and I was quoted as saying that nowadays I would have beaten him. What a silly thing! I am 42 years old and Rafa won in Monte Carlo 11 times. How could I beat him? These sayings were overly commented in Spain."

He finally spoke on how he interacts with media: "I am not a person who likes interviews. I remember how rude and funny Maradona could be. The Association of journalists wanted to bring me outside the country for what I said.

Many journalists treat me as ***, but not everyone. There are professionals who are able to correctly do their job, and it may be my mistake, putting all the journalists on a bag. We all know here that journalists lie and that in exchange of news they are capable of everything."