Rafael Nadal's uncle shares how he would coach Roger Federer

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Rafael Nadal's uncle shares how he would coach Roger Federer

In an interview with Toni Nadal, Rafael's uncle explained how he would work if he coached Roger Federer. The 58-year-old said: "If I was training Federer, I would probably do more technical work because his game depends a lot on technique and you need to maintain that.

Federer is not the sort of player to do leg work (running) all day long." Toni also commented on Rafael's work ethics: "Rafa has a very thorough foundation on a technical level. As time passed, he has developed his own game and indeed, it’s a lot different than the game style of others.

Since we played a lot on clay, I focused on his forehand, his topspin and his consistency. For me, those were the three most important points." Toni finally commented on Nadal's humility: "Firstly, it’s a lot easier to work with somebody who has an exemplary behaviour.

Secondly, as you said, it’s because Rafa is my nephew. I didn’t want people to have a bad image of him. Having said that, I didn’t do much work in this department. Rafa has always been an easy boy. I don’t remember him misbehaving on a court once; he has never broken a racquet in his life.

Generally speaking, I think that people neglect upbringing all too often. I remember what the coach Riccardo Piatti once said during a press conference in Italy: “The problem today is that if you ask a father if he’d prefer to see his son become the Roland Garros champion rather than a well brought up kid, he's picked the first option”.

Besides, it’s easier to win Roland Garros if you have a good upbringing because that implies that you have discipline, that you can listen and that you can accept your mistakes."