Roger Federer: 'I could have retired several times in a fairytale scenario'

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Roger Federer: 'I could have retired several times in a fairytale scenario'

In an interview to El Pais Roger Federer was asked how he would like to be remembered in decades. The Swiss replied: "I hope they look back and they think I was a good guy, that I was good for the Tour. Now for example that David Ferrer retires, I see a man that has given everything he had to.

Winning five or 50 tournaments is the same. I feel enormous respect for David, and I want people to look at me and feel the same thing, that I helped the Tour, that I was a good example, that I did not just think about myself."

Does he have some keys in order to be feet grounded? "I do not have them, I think it's something I have done well over my career. Once I head into the car and I leave the facilities, I am not a player anymore. I know I am a professional sportsman, you have to take care of yourself, but I get home and I do not see myself as a famous sportsman or as a player.

I think this balance and transition is something I do very quickly, in a natural way, without thinking of it." On how he sees his retirement from tennis happening, Federer concluded: "I think the answer is simple.

As a sport professional, what you wish for is to be able to retire when you decide that. Can it be something you decide when you are on holidays? It can be. You call a press conference and you tell that. Or it can be a match and you tell yourself: We came until here.

I think that, as long as you take the decision, it will be the perfect situation. It's something that you feel, it will be okay. There are many people who think that my career should have a perfect end, but I see it as a wrong thing, that would be a disappointment. I could have done it several times but I am relaxed and I am flexible on that."