Roger Federer can win in Rome if he plays there - Italian legend

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Roger Federer can win in Rome if he plays there - Italian legend

In an interview, the Italian legend Nicola Pietrangeli commented on who according to him are the favourites in this year's Rome Open. "I do not frankly know. If Roger Federer comes, he could. Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic too...

One of those up and coming players. Go bet on them!" Pietrangeli also expects huge results from Italians: "Like Fabio Fognini did in Monte Carlo, Matteo Berrettini could make a breakthrough just here. He has a lot of chances."

On the ATP Finals being held in Turin from 2021 to 2025, Pietrangeli added: "I hope I will be there! Then I wish Fognini plays there. His success in Monte Carlo was important for the whole Italian tennis after a lot of dark we start seeing some lights.

The Italian girls did well for ten years, now the boys are the ones who are achieving great results. But there is not just Fognini. Marco Cecchinato can do great too." On the Australian legend Rod Laver, Pietrangeli added: "Do not ask me who is the favourite between him and Federer.

It's impossible to say that." He finally gave advice to the younger players: "Do not think about money but train being committed and serious. Now if you are not an athlete, first of all, you cannot think you can reach the top.

The talent alone is not enough." In an interview, Federer said: "Last year I went to Zambia for my Foundation, that turned 15 years old. The kids of a school asked me what was my job. The tennis player, I replied. They actually thought I was playing ping pong.

In that village, nobody knew who I was. For them, I was an unknown philanthropist. That was great How is it like to drink something without being recognized! I do not know. I go from a part to the other, French Open, Wimbledon and so on..."