I'd be a dream to face Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal - Italian player

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I'd be a dream to face Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal - Italian player

Andrea Basso reached the Rome Main Draw defeating Jannik Sinner in the pre-qualies finals. In a post-game interview, Basso said: "I did not expect it, I do not say it happened by chance but I was not that confident in coming here.

It was my coach who convinced me to come in order to play matches. I approached this tournament focusing match by match, I came to play without a real goal. I know well Jannik Sinner, now it's impossible that he does not get noticed.

In the first set, I played badly in the key moments, while on the second I raised my level and he, as the time went on, felt some tiredness after playing a lot over the last days. I know it would have been hard and I ran a lot to stay on the match.

I think this wild card is a prize for the consistent work I faced over the recent times and the sacrifices were made to go through difficult times. I still have to work a lot on the mental wide. I feel a bit tired but not too nervous ahead of my main draw first round match that will not be too different than other matches."

Basso has now guaranteed himself €17,000. He has won $85,000 over his career. "I did not even think about it so that I would not feel tense, but that's definitely a good breath." Asked if he would like to face Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer, Basso replied: "It's obvious Nadal and Federer are Monsters but it's a dream to face them.

I'd rather look at the Italians, especially Marco Cecchinato and the top 50-60 players. My game is definitely closer to them."