David Ferrer: 'Roger Federer would drive me crazy'

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David Ferrer: 'Roger Federer would drive me crazy'

In an interview to ATP David Ferrer gave his thoughts on Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer's greatness. The Spaniard said: “Rafa has been a mirror for me. Although he is younger and joined the tour later, I’ve learned from him.

Winning a tournament and winning it again. Winning at Roland Garros, going to Queen’s [in London] and winning again… That showed me that when you win a tournament it’s not enough, you have to keep going. That helped me reach World No.

3 and to have the consistency I did. If I hadn’t seen those players, if I’d been with the other kind of players that I witnessed at the start of my career, I wouldn’t have been such a good player. Federer would change the pace and drive me crazy.

Maybe I made him sweat like many players, but I never had the chance to beat him”. Ferrer also recalled his 2013 French Open straight-set loss to Nadal. “I never had a chance. I’m not blaming anyone, but my motivation for that match was not the best.

I went onto the court a little distressed. And that’s normal because it was my first final, it’s logical. Anyway, maybe in those moments, we were none the wiser. Neither I nor my team had a better idea of how to approach the match. We did what we could." Ferrer will play the French Open men's legends draw.