Roger Federer wants to win both Wimbledon and US Open, says former player

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Roger Federer wants to win both Wimbledon and US Open, says former player

The former player Sjeng Schalken commented on the reasons that led Roger Federer to comeback on clay courts. The Dutch said: "I think he wants to work on his game ahead of Wimbledon and US Open. He is still doing too well.

I think he wants to win both Wimbledon and the US Open. That's why he now picked the clay." "I tried to make him a understand a basic process, which makes us different than the animal world: the need to improve.

He is passionate about his job, he wants to improve. That's what marked Rafa's career. Winning or not exclusively depends on you. We all have the chance to improve, always and when we want to do it, and the success is not about winning big titles, the success for us is to give the best of each of us and try to do things better every day.

Now the kids are weaker, that's one of the problems of the society, we got used to constantly give positives message, that we are the best. The positive messages are given to boost our self-belief. You have to face reality and have the desire to change it."

On Thiem's win over Roger Federer, the pundit Mark Petchey said: “The disguise and the skill levels and Thiem can’t match Federer in that regard. But he can match him in work-rate and effort and he raised his game.

He served beautifully in the second set but it is that willingness to take the adversity for one hours and 15 minutes. Suddenly in that breaker, he put himself in a great position to get past Federer”.