Del Potro: 'Fans in Rome are happier to see Federer more than me'

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Del Potro: 'Fans in Rome are happier to see Federer more than me'

In a press conference in Rome Juan Martin del Potro commented on Roger Federer's comeback to the Italian tournament for the first time since 2016. "I think the people will be happy to see Roger, more than me for sure", said del Potro smiling.

"I also think the young players are coming stronger than we are. They have a big future. They are the present, they have everything to become a better player in the future. What I say, is tough to beat the top guys on the Grand Slam.

They are still being the favourites to win the big events. Once they break that line, maybe they going to be in the top spots, for sure." Del Potro commented on how he is feeling ahead of the Rome tournament: "I'm feeling good.

My game is improving after a couple of days of hard training. That's what I need to get back to my high level as soon as possible. Rome will be another good test to see how my body feels on court and playing in the match."

Asked if he thought the finish line of his career could be close during his knee injury, the 30-year-old concluded: "Yes, yes, because when you got an injury, everything comes down and you felt really bad after the rehabilitation time.

The only thing that all the players want to be is just playing tennis. I wasn't available to do that. I was really sad trying to fix the knee problem. It looks a little bit longer than the doctor says. But now I'm having the chance to play another tournament.

I'm feeling little bit better than Madrid. I know how long is the way of a comeback, but I'm ready to try once again."