Elina Svitolina: 'I was very sad with Gael Monfils' loss to Roger Federer'

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Elina Svitolina: 'I was very sad with Gael Monfils' loss to Roger Federer'

Elina Svitolina commented on Gael Monfils's tight loss to Roger Federer in Rome. The Ukrainian player watched the Frenchman's match live and Monfils wasted two match points. "It's a very interesting first question (smiling).

Well, it was a great match actually, even though the first set was very quick for Roger. I think it was a great match, great fight from Gael to fight back, great fighting spirit. I really, really enjoyed it. I was very, very sad and very, you know, disappointed that he lost that match because lose from match point, I know how it feels.

I mean, I think for him it's a great step forward", said Svitolina. On Monfils wanting to win the French Open title, Svitolina added: "It's good to have high goals. I mean, for me, I also have high goals. It's part of being a tennis player, to have high goals, high expectations.

I mean, lots of players will try to do that, to win the title, not only Roland Garros but other Grand Slams as well. It motivates us every day to go to practice, you know, to move forward." Asked about how it felt to play some clay tournaments in a row, Stephens added: "It felt good.

Obviously, two tournaments in, gone well so far. Keeping the good momentum going." On her new co-operation with her coach Sven Groeneveld, Stephens added: "I think things are going well so far. Obviously, with a new coaching relationship, it takes a little bit of process, a little bit of learning.

So, yeah, so far so good. Obviously, we're doing what we can. Nothing to complain about so far."