Roger Federer reveals Madrid struggles: 'It's a tough place to play in'

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Roger Federer reveals Madrid struggles: 'It's a tough place to play in'

In a press conference in Rome Roger Federer commented on the different court conditions between Madrid and the Italian event. The Swiss said: "Madrid is a tough place to play. Ball bounces extremely high. There was wind, nice weather.

There were shadows. Conditions were tough for all players. I know people think, Oh, it's faster, so it's better. But conditions are tough in Madrid. I felt like playing somewhat maybe more sea level conditions would be good for me.

In Switzerland we have somewhat of an altitude everywhere you go, everywhere you look. The weather this week in Switzerland is also not great. Yesterday when I left it was like five degrees in the morning when I woke up. It's just not ideal to practice this way as well I believe.

Then I was in the mood to play. Would I rather practice or play matches? I've just come from practicing for five weeks after Miami. I think I was playing well in Madrid, so I just said, again, Let's come to Rome, a city I like so much as well.

There would be excitement, more excitement than me coming to a practice court in Switzerland (smiling). I thought that would be nice. Honestly, I love to play matches. Regardless of what happens here, I just think it's good for me to play matches at this stage."