Roger Federer 'disappointed' to see tickets price doubled in Rome

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Roger Federer 'disappointed' to see tickets price doubled in Rome

The Rome Open doubled the tickets price for the Wednesday Central Court session and all sessions in the tournament thereafter after Roger Federer announced his first appearance in the tournament for the first time since 2016.

In a press conference, the Swiss admitted he was not happy about this: "I heard about it. I heard some fans clearly were not happy about it. That's obviously disappointing to hear. They made it in a way like they rewarded the fans who bought tickets earlier, which is sort of strange, but okay.

Look, I just really hope it doesn't take away the fact I'm really happy to be here. There's going to be good crowds hopefully, good atmosphere. Personally, I'm very happy to be here. I'm pumped up to play well.

I mean, my excitement couldn't be bigger. The moment I landed in Rome yesterday, I was so happy to be here. I love this city. Always enjoyed playing in Italy. It's probably the country I've played the most junior tennis in.

Coming down from Switzerland to the clay courts was always a logical junior trip. They have very strong junior tournaments here. I love being here, especially in this city as well. In terms of the board decision, you know, I think what we need is somebody who can definitely also communicate well with players and then also with the other board members on the tournament side.

It's been at times quite divided. I'm not sure if that's good. I understand that you have to fight for the players, and they fight for the tournaments. In some stages, you also have to find a consensus between one another.

Yeah, I'm curious to find out who it's going to be. I just hope that person's going to be hard-working, excited, and understands it's a very important role. I'm hoping it's not going to be a role he sorts of does on the side and he has another priority. That would be nice."