Novak Djokovic reacts to Rome Open doubling ticket price for Federer

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Novak Djokovic reacts to Rome Open doubling ticket price for Federer

Novak Djokovic commented on the Rome Open doubling its ticket prices after Roger Federer announced his participation. The Serb said: "This is the first time I hear that information. I don't think that because Roger hasn't won here that it kind of affects his value or what he brings to the world of tennis or any tournament.

I think he is the biggest name, historically the guy that won the most titles. He's a huge brand in sports worldwide. One of the biggest of all times. From one side maybe I can understand. I don't feel offended by that or I don't feel it has disrespected me or Rafa or anybody else.

But, I mean, the bottom line is that if it brings more tickets and more attendance to this tournament, that's great. That's great for everybody, you know. I hope it does. If not, then too bad." Novak Djokovic commented on Matteo Berrettini's win over Alexander Zverev in Rome.

The Serbian player said: "I haven't watched Berrettini too many times. I've seen he has done really well in the last 12, 15 months. I think he's won some titles, he's played really well. He's very tall, very strong guy.

He has a big serve and moves well for his height. I watched it in the locker room a little bit. They have kind of similar styles. I mean, they're tall, big serves. Look, Matteo had huge crowd support. If you're playing in Roma, the whole stadium is supporting you, it can be a big advantage.

He didn't have really anything to lose. Sascha is already an established top player. He's expected as a top player to reach final stages of a tournament. Of course, all these expectations can sometimes play with you mentally.

On the court, you uncharacteristically make errors, can't play some shots you normally do. Well done to Berrettini. What can you say? It's a great success for him. Thank you."