Roger Federer: 'I did ask to play on Wednesday. I get what I want'

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Roger Federer: 'I did ask to play on Wednesday. I get what I want'

Roger Federer could have played just one match on Thursday, the third round only, had he played the second round on Tuesday as on Wednesday it was totally rainy. The Swiss, who was alleged by Julien Benneteau to have gotten preferential treatment by tournaments last year, said: "I did ask to play on Wednesday.

I get what I want, remember? You guys know that. That was a big debate (smiling). My favourite thing was to be here at 11 so I could wait all day. I really enjoyed that part yesterday (laughing)." Asked what the choice between playing on Tuesday and Wednesday depends on, Federer added: "I think it really depends on where you've been, where you're coming from.

I went back to Switzerland after Madrid. I asked to play Wednesday. But if they tell me it's really impossible to do that, you talk about it and I'll accept it at the end of the day. This time I thought Wednesday would be nice because that gives me a weekend with the kids, Saturday and Sunday off.

Then I travel here on Monday, I believe. I practice here Monday, Tuesday. I do need two days to get ready, in all honesty. Then it's okay to play five straight days or what happened now. You take that chance, but it's fine.

It is what it is. At some other times you feel like, let's say Cincinnati, I've been there since Friday, okay to play Tuesday. The tournament is probably happy I'm okay to play Tuesday because other guys are coming from Montreal.

In the end, you always have to check what the tournament wants, as well. You can put in requests. The tournament organizers at the end make the final decisions together with the ATP and the TVs really."