Novak Djokovic: I am not Roger Federer, I don't know what he prefers

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Novak Djokovic: I am not Roger Federer, I don't know what he prefers

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic were all forced to play two matches on Thursday at the Rome Open as rain halted the schedule on Wednesday. In a press conference, the Serb was asked what he would have done if he were Federer, about the possibility of playing the opening match on Tuesday.

"I'm not him, so I cannot really answer. I don't know what he prefers. I actually like to start earlier so if I can start on Tuesday. But obviously, because I played finals in Madrid, came here late, of course I was scheduled to play Wednesday in these kind of cases.

If I'm not playing the week before, then I like to start earlier and maybe have a day between, like, first match and second match. It's unfortunate for the tournament to have all day rain. It's not common to see rain all day really, from beginning to the end.

A lot of complications. Obviously, the schedule was completely full today with singles, doubles, men, women. Maybe they should have played some guys on Tuesday from the seeds. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. It's always in these kind of situations you can think about what could have been done or not.

It's just sometimes the nature is too strong and you just have to deal with it", said Djokovic. The world no. 1 also congratulated his compatriot, soccer player Sergej Milinkovic-Savic on winning the Coppa Italia title: "Very happy for him.

He's one of the best football players from Serbia. He's definitely someone that I follow and support. Of course, I support him. I support every Serbian football player that is playing. We had some really great guys this season, Tadic, and Jovic in Frankfurt.

It's really fantastic to see that. As most of the other athletes and guys that follow football. Around this time is usually Coppa Italia. Usually it's played during the tennis tournament. We can hear the noise. The noise was amazing last night.

Yeah, I wish him definitely all the best in his career." Djokovic lost the Rome Open final to Rafael Nadal on Sunday. The Spaniard won 6-0, 4-6, 6-1.