Roger Federer: 'I hope they cheer for Borna Coric in the future'

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Roger Federer: 'I hope they cheer for Borna Coric in the future'

Roger Federer enjoyed his experience on the Grandstand Stadium in Rome during his three-set win over Borna Coric. The Swiss said: "It was very different. In all honesty, I've never even seen the court before because it's way up.

You don't see it. Pietrangeli, Pallacorda like it used to be, I played on that one. It was nice to be in the Grandstand. Conditions were difficult in the beginning, with the shade, all that stuff, coming through. It makes it harder to attack maybe.

I really enjoyed my match out on Grandstand. Crowds couldn't have been more enthusiastic. Very much one-way traffic. They were all behind me, which is cool. But it's tough for the opponent. Borna is a great guy. I hope they cheer for him in the future.

Then, as you said, the way from down here all the way over there, it's quite a walk. Then you have the golf cart. Once in a while, that is fun. If it was like this every single game, you're tired by the time you get to the court and you're tired when you come back.

It was a great experience. I really enjoyed it. This is the kind of court I like because the crowds are close on all sides. There are not these massive VIP boxes where you have half the crowd sitting there. It's full. You really hear them screaming at you.

That was fun." Analyzing her win in Rome, Naomi Osaka added: "It's a bit unusual for me because I've never played two rounds in one day. I think this is the first time. So that was very different. Yeah, yesterday was a little bit hard because, like, I didn't even practice yesterday.

I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was just laying here like kind of sleeping, waiting to see if they were going to cancel the matches. Yeah, it turned out fine for me in the end. Today I think really helped my confidence because last year I didn't do so great.

I mean, I won a round, but then I lost pretty badly in the next one. Definitely, I was just trying to do better than last year and improve how I play on clay. I think just to get a straight-set win over both of them. Cibulkova I played in Madrid.

It was really close, the second set. I was keeping that in mind when I was playing against her today. Then, Michaela, I played her on the grass. I expected a different match. That's sort of what I got. I played -- I don't know if I played Kiki officially.

I know I've practised with her before. Yeah, she's definitely playing really well these past few months. Even last year she won Madrid. I know she's a really good clay court player. I'm just going to sort of be thrown into the match tomorrow, just see what happens." . The Japanese withdrew before playing her quarter-final match against Kiki Bertens.