Roger Federer is having brutal end to his career, says Del Piero

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Roger Federer is having brutal end to his career, says Del Piero

In an interview to SuperTennis TV the former football player Alessandro Del Piero commented on his relationship with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. "I like them a lot, I was privileged to meet them, even Djokovic, and they all have different personalities.

I obviously like an aggressive game, but passing shots too. Although you need a lot of technique. When I see an aggressive point I know something can happen on both sides and that makes me emotional", said the Italian. On his predictions for the Rome Open, del Piero added: "It's not easy to say who can win now.

It's a generational change. Despite the qualities of Nadal and Federer, we are heading into an era where physical effort increases because younger players are stronger than the older ones, so it's about technology and so you can understand how strong Federer is, he is having a brutal end to his career, even Rafa and Djokovic who are younger.

It's a generational change and so I do not have idea. Everyone wants to win. All the times are marked by certain things so I do not have particular ideas, I would like to see how I go through things." Del Piero was in Rome on Sunday.

He sometimes works as a Sky Sport Italy commentator in football matches in Italy and he spends most of his time in the United States working as an investor and having relaxing time with his family.