I am confident Roger Federer will be fit for French Open - Pundit

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I am confident Roger Federer will be fit for French Open - Pundit

In an interview to SRF the tennis expert Heinz Gunthardt commented on the Roger Federer's Rome Open withdrawal. Gunthardt said: "It's safe that Federer is having something on his leg. That's normal because he had not played on clay for such a long time.

There are still some days left to the French Open. I am confident that he will be 100 per cent in shape in Paris. Federer showed in Rome that he knows how to change his game at any time. He can play as aggressive as he does on hard courts.

On the other side, he also hit a lot of topspin. We will probably see this mixture in Paris. The climate will have an important role. He needs fast and dry conditions to constantly serve and volley. Federer has no pressure, that could make him dangerous."

Was playing Rome a wrong move? "Looking back, it's always difficult to share an opinion. The rainy Wednesday put so much misunderstanding, you cannot blame it." The former player Daniela Hantuchova said: "I look at it a little bit like this.

Is it an injury or is it just because I’m feeling tired and the body is hurting? If it is that then fine, he will be ready for the French. If it is an injury then there are question marks on if he will be ready for the French Open. It’s a shame because this was the match of the day for me”.