Rome Open shares why Federer, Nadal had to play two matches on Thursday

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Rome Open shares why Federer, Nadal had to play two matches on Thursday

In a conference call, the Italian Tennis Federation Angelo Binaghi commented on the reasons that led the organizers to schedule double matches, second and third round, both on Thursday after that the rain halted the schedule on Wednesday.

"Our tournament lasts one week and it's back to back with Madrid", said Binaghi. "The strongest players, who usually finish playing in the Spanish tournament on Saturday or Sunday, asks to make their debut in Rome on Wednesday.

The guys who could go all the way to the final like Djokovic and Nadal then need to play a match every day. As the roof is not there and as we cannot extend the tournament to a ten-day formula, which would allow all the players to have one day off between matches, if it rains also the best-ranked players like Djokovic, Nadal and Federer need to play two matches over one day because the event cannot be moved to the following Monday.

It's strange that those players complain because they started raising doubts just when Madrid and Rome were about to sign a deal to last ten days each. We need that in order to make tennis popularity increase." Binaghi also commented on the Central Court possibly featuring a retractable roof: "Do not ask me anything about it because we do not know anything.

We were always outside it and the company that holds those venues, Coni Servizi, never informed us and never made us get involved in the topic. The Central Court should have 12,000 seats and we have 10,000. Now there is a process ongoing but if we did not take prevention, the Rome tournament would have gone through a downgrade, which would have been crazy."