Roger Federer is like Bjorn Borg mentally, says French Open chief

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Roger Federer is like Bjorn Borg mentally, says French Open chief

In an interview to Europe1, the French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget commented on Roger Federer's legacy in tennis. The Frenchman said: "He has the most perfect technique, he is probably one of the fastest athletes on a tennis court, a great athlete.

He is mentally like Bjorn Borg, a cool guy, who does not show emotions and who is able to pick tactics over a second. I am one who likes easy and elegant tennis and like in all sports we like seeing guys who do extremely complicated things in a very easy way.

But it seems he does things joking." But the day where Federer retires will come. "I am sorry that this inspiring tennis, coming to the net, is lost. The day Federer stops there will certainly be a void, we will want to see players bring an inspired and aggressive tennis with a one-handed backhand, following Federer's footsteps."

On the upcoming French Open, Forget concluded: "If we had a final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, I think million of spectators would be happy." In a press conference in Rome, Stefanos Tsitsipas commented on his and Maria Sakkari's successes.

The 20-year-old feels motivated and happy for their wins. "I feel like we're the dynamic duo coming from Greece, inspiring young kids, people in general that want to play tennis," said Tsitsipas. "She's playing great.

[Maria] feels very motivated, very comfortable when on the court. I’m happy to see that. She's one of the fittest players. Her groundstrokes are pretty good. I mean, you saw that against Roger [Federer] in the Hopman Cup, the craziest return ever, cross-court backhand.

If she's [having] a good day with her serve, I think the rest comes automatically. Backhand is unbelievable. She can control it really well. I'm really inspired by her, to see what she's done. I really hope she feels inspired by me."