David Nalbandian recalls when Roger Federer's game changed

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David Nalbandian recalls when Roger Federer's game changed

In an interview to ESPN the former world No. 3 David Nalbandian spoke about the Big Three, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. About the Spaniard, Nalbandian recalled his 2007 Paris Masters final win: "Nadal is a player when he plays long and another when he plays short, and that's where I could take a lead.

I felt I could do anything with the ball. The players who have great two-handed backhands can cope with his forehand and can deal with his game." About Djokovic, Nalbandian praised his unbelievable consistency and coverage.

"Djokovic is very complete, he serves better than what it seems and he moves in an amazing way, when he is doing well he has no falls, he has no weaknesses, you do not know how to play him, you move him but he is always forward.

From the baseline he has no weaknesses, he is the most complete guy in history." On Federer, Nalbandian concluded: "I think Roger evolved a lot, with his backhand he earned consistency. He was a great player being world No.

5 or 6 but with his backhand, he struggled a lot, the impact was not good. The change happened in 2003, in the 2003 Houston Masters, there I noted that his backhand changed. Then he lost two matches over a year."