Roger Federer doesn't play tennis. He invented a new sport - Tiriac

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Roger Federer doesn't play tennis. He invented a new sport - Tiriac

In an interview to Gsp the Madrid Open tournament owner Ion Tiriac was asked who are the biggest players ever. The Romanian replied: "Federer, Laver and Sampras. Nadal is there too. But Federer has no equivalent. His game today is not about tennis, it's an invention made by him.

The rally is very short, the gap is little. Now he played my tournament in Madrid but I blame him because he can choose where to play. In Formula 1, for example, a driver cannot compete in just ten races. Federer can do it in tennis."

Tiriac also recalled his beginnings in tennis as a player: "I won the National Championship for ten years, but that was a funny thing that made me get angry. I was the only one in the country owning a new Mercedes, which back in the day was something crazy."

On the development of Madrid tournament, Tiriac concluded: "Masters 1000s cannot work if every year you do not bring something more. Players ask for more and more money, but you cannot give them what they ask for. For many years we were the No.

1 of the nine (Masters 1000s), but now I cannot compete with Indian Wells and the Oracle chief Larry Ellison. We cannot double the tickets price but this tournament needs another Central Court in order to bring 10,000 more people a day in order to stay here."

Tiriac also ran a men's tournament in Bucharest back in the day which has moved to Budapest. He would love to host a new ATP event in Germany with his friend Boris Becker.