Federer: Playing French Open for the last time this year would be sad

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Federer: Playing French Open for the last time this year would be sad

Could Roger Federer play the French Open this year for the last time? Some analysts hinted that the Swiss may be thinking at a farewell tour, but Federer has often denied it and in an interview to Stade2 France, he said: “Each tournament can be the last.

Yes, it does not make an exception, it's true. I do not see my arrival at Roland Garros this year as if it was the last. I want to play it as I wanted 10 years ago, it does not change. I will be happy if I win a few games and if I can perhaps spend the first week there.

We do not know the draw, it's hard to talk about it. But it would be a shame to go to the French Open for the last time this year. It would be sad, but I will give my best”. On what motivated him to return in Paris, Federer added: "I like sliding, finding angles and seeing the fans I have not seen here.

I hope to win a few matches to really savor this audience. I will give my best”. In an interview, as quoted by L'Equipe, the former world No. 1 Justine Henin praised Federer's longevity ahead of the French Open.

The Belgian said: "He is very smart, that's for sure because he knows how to handle several aspects. He has the talent but he also worked hard and smart to improve. I think he was able to control his emotions and find a good balance in his family life, professionally and with his closest ones.

He is a very relaxed person, that helps him to stay there longer. And in the end, he did not have many injuries and that's why he is still there today. There is this little magical thing because he is able to take decisions in the right time and that makes him very special."