Roger Federer and Serena Williams will have to work a lot in Paris -McEnroe

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Roger Federer and Serena Williams will have to work a lot in Paris -McEnroe

The former world No. 1 doubles player Patrick McEnroe believes that both Serena Williams and Roger Federer will have a long way to go before winning the French Open. The American ESPN pundit said: "Serena is Serena, sure.

But you can say the same thing as you do for Roger Federer. Is he going to go out and win just because he's Federer? No. It's going to take a lot of work and hard matches played under stress and pressure. If Serena can win a few matches anything could happen, but it's going to be difficult."

The Tennis Podcast pundit Catherine Whitaker believes that triumphing in Rome will be a boost for Rafael Nadal's confidence. Whitaker said: “I think that defeat will sting a bit. The satisfaction and the joy on his face.

I feel like that’s one of the most significant titles for him outside of the slams in recent years. He was beside himself with joy. Nadal is my favourite [French Open] and Djokovic is still my second favourite so I guess nothing has changed other than I feel a little more confident in those two things."

The fellow pundit David Law added: "He needed to know that he could win again at the very highest level. Even the greatest need a reminder that their form is there going into the big one. What we all wanted to know given what happened at the Australian Open, how big of a deal is it to do it against Djokovic? He didn’t want to play that game, he wanted to talk about how he needed to know that his game was there. I feel like for him it’s significant, he needed to know that he hurt him. And he hurt him [Djokovic]”.