Roger Federer vs Nadal 2008 Wimbledon is the best match ever - Guy Forget

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Roger Federer vs Nadal 2008 Wimbledon is the best match ever - Guy Forget

In an interview to GQ, the former world No. 4 and French Open Tournament Director Guy Forget recalled the epic 2008 Wimbledon final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The Spaniard prevailed 9-7 in the fifth set. Forget said: "I remember it, I commented it live.

Sometimes, I was laughing. Frederic Viard, who I commentated with, said: 'Why do you laugh?' Because it was crazy! Do you realize what's happening out there? We have two guys out of the ordinary who play at an abnormal rhythm, at their best.

They push themselves to the limit. It's the greatest match I ever saw in my life. Look at Lucas Pouille, who was the world No. 10 in 2018. Now it's up to him. It's not the Federation that will tell him that he needs to do this or that.

Lucas has the weapons to win a Grand Slam title, but he needs to tell himself: "I was the No. 10, I beat Nadal in the 2016 US Open, I can beat the greatest players in the greatest events, what's missing to beat Djokovic, what can I do to make the next step? That's the toughest.

He hired Amelie Mauresmo. Good idea! He tries to raise the bar, he has not played well since his Australian Open semifinals, he is looking for a click on clay. Can he play well but is that his best surface? There is room, anyways.

Nadal struggles a bit, Djokovic is upset by the guys who he normally beats. Federer came back but he is 37 years old, Murray is out. Cards could be divided again. There will be more uncertainties than the past when you would say, It's Nadal or Nadal...

And maybe Djokovic or Federer. But if Nadal wins in Madrid and Rome, we will say, Okay, he will win again." Forget furthermore praised Nadal: "What he has done in the French Open is one of the biggest successes ever in sports in general.

Winning the French Open 11 times... When Bjorn Borg won six times, they said nobody would do better. Nadal almost doubled this record. In the toughest tournament in the world. If Federer is the greatest player ever, which is likely, he won in Paris just once."