'Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic do not eat hamburgers all the time'

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'Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic do not eat hamburgers all the time'

In an interview to GQ, Guy Forget commented on how tennis players have been getting more professionals every year. The Frenchman said: "Now players are better prepared, even if somebody I do not know and who are better ranked keep eating kebab, hamburgers and pizzas while they drink.

It's about priorities. Djokovic and Federer do not eat hamburgers all the time. I had a beer time by time, especially during the second part of my career. It helped me to sleep well. I was lucky, I did not take a gm. When I played, I could go have a dessert and a beer in the evening."

Who is the strongest player Forget has ever faced? "It's complicated... Boris Becker on indoor hard could be unplayable. The greatest guy I played with was John McEnroe. Unpredictable. When I hear people pretending to be genius about tactics, they make me laugh.

I know perfect idiots who won Grand Slam titles. I understand in the way players handle points. Only McEnroe was able to hit unpredictable shots. But you hated him, he and Jimmy Connors were horrible. They could insult you. Ask Yannick Noah and Henri Leconte.

But John's gamestyle was even more unpredictable than Federer. On the senior tour, it's the same, that's why people loved seeing him play. Enjoy watching the 1984 final between McEnroe and Lendl on YouTube, their fantastic reactions", concluded Forget.