Belinda Bencic: It's amazing that I have pictures with Roger Federer

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Belinda Bencic: It's amazing that I have pictures with Roger Federer

In an interview to The Telegraph, Belinda Bencic commented on how it felt like to play with Roger Federer in the Hopman Cup for three years in a row and win it twice. The 22-year-old said: "It’s amazing that now I have pictures of us playing together!

It was something I dreamt about and it's indescribable for me now to get to play with him. I appreciate it so much, it’s been three years at the Hopman Cup. It's really the best few weeks ever. And I can really benefit from being around such a champion.

On and off the court, learning from him and getting some advice. He is so relaxed off the court. Joking around and you’d never know he’s about to play a match soon. But then as soon as it's time to play, he’s suddenly so focused.

I try to learn from this and do the same." On how she deals with expectations, Bencic added: "For sure, maybe it was too early with the pressure from the media and the attention. But now I can just say it was really good because I definitely learnt from it, and I know how to handle it and can deal with different situations.

And look, tennis is not like gymnastics or figure skating - they have one chance every four years. And if they mess up in two minutes, it’s over. We have a chance every week, and four a year at the grand slams. I don’t see losing as the end of the world anymore.

It’s much worse when you can't play at all. I’m just playing and trying to enjoy it. When you're injured, you have to keep fighting, of course you have doubts but the main thing is that now I’m able to appreciate being on the court and being able to play pain-free. It really changed my perspective."