Coach compares Jannik Sinner to Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic

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Coach compares Jannik Sinner to Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic

In an interview to SportFace, Jannik Sinner's coach Riccardo Piatti commented on the 17-year-old Italian's potential. Sinner won his maiden Masters 1000 match in Rome. "I understood he was different than the others, he rules the point.

I see a future in him," said Piatti. "Looking at all the players evolving, we can say he can improve all his shots. Nadal, Federer and Djokovic, at Sinner's age, did not have the same quality. It's clear that he needs to understand that he has to work a lot.

Goals are far away, you need to work a lot and play in order to catch them. Jannik is very smart, he lives in an environment where in the past people did not know him, now they know. In Lyon, he played with the same guy he had won the day before and he lost.

I insist on bringing him where there are better players than him in order to make him learn how to play against those guys and cope with them. He has a big potential and he needs to know it." On Borna Coric's season, Piatti added: "The first tournament I am happy of him in Rome, in the first half of the year we had more problems because he did not practice and he was not doing that well.

Now his game is coming back, on clay and grass, he will be okay. It's more or less the same compared to the last year and that's the goal. In Rome against Roger Federer he played at a good level, Roger is always a tough opponent. I always look for the important matches."