Roger Federer: 'My father was sick on 2009 French Open final'

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Roger Federer: 'My father was sick on 2009 French Open final'

In an interview, Roger Federer recalled his maiden French Open title in 2009. The Swiss revealed an interesting thing about his father Robert's health condition. "It's an interesting story. Before that, I had won a lot and I understood that very often your life goes on like a film in front of your eyes.

You win a tournament, you go to a press conference, a little photo and you have to think about the next air flight because there is a match within two days. They ask you, Do you still want a champagne glass? Yeah, okay. But be fast...

Since 2007 I started telling myself I needed to take a bit of time. And in 2009, when I won the French Open especially there, taking time was necessary. That day my father was sick, he was dealing with a fever and could not get to the stadium.

He watched the match in his hotel room, so when I won, I asked if it was possible to take the cup because I had fought so hard, that meant so much to me, my family, my fans. I needed to taste that moment that may not get repeated again.

So they allowed me to take my cup at night, so I could show it to my father. He was in bed, he was not doing well when I knocked on his door and I told him, Look what I brought you, it was amazing. I still remember the moment.

It touched me a lot. Then the cup stayed close to me and the day after, when I woke up, it was still there. That's why we play, for those emotions, to feel the noise of the stadium. When I think about it, it's what I feel, the fans who back me to win this Maiden French Open. After all those years, being able to lift this trophy was magical. Very emotional."