Roger Federer plans to retire in 2020 Olympic Games, says Mouratoglou

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Roger Federer plans to retire in 2020 Olympic Games, says Mouratoglou

In an interview, Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on the Roger Federer's comeback to the French Open. Mouratoglou said: "Roger used to skip the clay season to avoid getting injured and giving himself his best shot to win Wimbledon which takes place three weeks after the French Open.

Coming back to that option at 37 years of age can look strange but Roger is rational. I feel he plans to retire in 2020 after the Olympic Games and so he wants to play on that court. I think he wants to say farewell to those tournaments and especially the French player."

"Yes because it's absolutely out of the ordinary. We are not aware enough of the amazing opportunity we have to watch the most amazing generation of champions in the history of our sport. In order to still play at this level at their age, you need to keep fresh and the ambition high after winning everything.

They were able to evolve their game because tennis has changed a lot in 15 years. They have a body that makes them perform at their highest level all over the world. It's just great." On his own Academy, Mouratoglou concluded: "I created it in 1996 because I was a frustrated player who was among the brightest Frenchmen but unfortunately I had parents who did not know this world and who thought that starting a professional career in this job was very risky.

They forced me to keep studying economics, leaving aside my passion and my dream to become a professional player. Ten years after, I decided to reconnect myself to this job helping on a personal level the younger players to reach their final goal."