Roger Federer is like Barack Obama, approaching him is tough - Expert

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Roger Federer is like Barack Obama, approaching him is tough - Expert

The France Televisions journalist Thomas Sotto has a big admiration for Roger Federer and he even wrote a book for the Swiss player. Sotto said: "My passion for Roger Federer was born from the pleasure for the game: a pleasure which is especially about estetics because he has a gamestyle that attracts any sports fans.

Like a cat on the court, he always stands up, perfect. He is also timeless in his style, look and haircut. At the age of 37 years, when he has won everything, he kept the freshness of a beginner, the excitement, the desire, he lives his dream and he still enjoys a lot.

He is always happy and smiley. His wife Mirka is the key. Nothing is decided without her thoughts. His closest people only speak when they are allowed. Federer has an unbelievable curriculum, but he always had failures which could be something human to him.

Especially for us, the Frenchman, Rafael Nadal has won too much. 11 Roland Garros, anyways! But their rivalry is real. Under the look of a good guy, Roger is a killer. He has an obsession: to mark the history of the sport and put Nadal away from his Grand Slam titles record.

He gives a look to the others, he gets to a next level. He is like Barack Obama, one of the most difficult ten personalities to approach in the world. There are so many people asking for him that you need five years to get a meeting off a tournament.

And yet it seems he is everyone's friends." Federer had his French Open media day on Friday and he feels ready to start his campaign against Lorenzo Sonego.