Roger Federer's excitement is like a 14-year-old's, says expert

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Roger Federer's excitement is like a 14-year-old's, says expert

Nathalie Garcon, a stylist, praised Roger Federer's off-court look. Garcon said: "Roger Federer reflects the real values of tennis. During his interviews, he is always so elegant. Leaving Nike as a Uniqlo Ambassador, he is getting closer to a more classical style.

He is Catholic, he lives in Switzerland. He is natural and has an elegant approach." "I figured out Roger Federer in 1999, the first time he played in the French Open. He had lost to Patrick Rafter but he already had something strange.

I love dancing and Federer is like Nureyev. He has unique creativity. Between the moment where he heads into the court, he puts his bandana on the court, and the moment where he leaves the court, there is nothing false in what he does.

He is the perfect tennis Ambassador: he is extremely careful about the others, his fans, and he loves the game with passion. He is a big star who, despite a 20-year career, keeps a passion of a 14-year-old club player. He is an amazing human."

On Federer, the journalist Thomas Sotto said: "Federer is a brand, an International business. But he also owns a Foundation that gives access to everyone. He launched it when he was just 22 years old. He does not speak about it a lot but he spends a bit of time there and I think that says a lot about his honesty and sensitivity.

Roger is normal even though he is not normal." Ahead of the French Open, Federer said: "I'm happy to be here and I just want to get through that first round to get the campaign going. That's my focus right now, not think too far ahead."