Roger Federer: 'I never said I will retire at 2020 Olympic Games'

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Roger Federer: 'I never said I will retire at 2020 Olympic Games'

In an interview to the New York Times, Roger Federer said that he is potentially thinking about the next year's clay season. 2020 will be an important year for the Swiss at the Olympics come around. Federer is making his comeback on the surface for the first time since 2016.

"I usually go one year at a time, and the other day I just spoke with my team about the clay-court season next year. I was asking, ‘Anybody have any ideas yet?’ I heard rumours that people said I definitely wanted to play the Tokyo Olympics next year, and that’s when I’m going to retire, but I never said anything like that.

I really don’t know. I always said, ‘The more I think about retirement, the more I am already retired.’ People ask me, what are you going to do next? And I say, ‘Well, in a way I’m not quite sure, because I feel if I plan everything for my post-career, I feel like I’m halfway there.’ I think it would not affect my performance per se, but maybe my overall desire to want to do well", said Federer.

The Basel native also recalled his loss to Patrick Rafter in the 1999 French Open: "Imagine me not against Rafter, not on Lenglen and on some outside court. I was probably much more explosive because the respect for the place wouldn’t be the same.

There, I knew it was like live TV, 12,000 people. So it was: ‘O.K., keep it together Roger. Keep it together.’ So I was on my best behaviour in that match!”