Roger Federer: 'I did not want to see myself breaking rackets on TV'

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Roger Federer: 'I did not want to see myself breaking rackets on TV'

In an interview to The New York Times Roger Federer commented on how his mindset has turned over the beginning of his career. The Swiss said: “I started to feel uncomfortable after a while when you are on TV like this, and I’d see the highlights.

You throw the racket in the corner and you are so frustrated and disappointed, and it’s just a bad look. And I said: ‘It just looks stupid and silly. Let’s get your act together a little bit.’ It took me a long time, but it was interesting.

Instead of telling them, ‘Buddy, clean it up!’. I’m happy the guy shows it. I don’t want to see robots all around. I don’t want to see the 18-year-old guy like super, super composed already. When you have a guy who is finally a little lively, let him be and then eventually he will channel it anyway”.

On why he won just one French Open title, Federer added: “The problem was Rafa came alive, and Rafa was Rafa." “Already back in 2004, when I became world No. 1, that was my mindset. I made the decision early, and I think that’s why I am still here today.

I never fell out of love with the sport”. “Maybe where my talent has helped me a little bit is to shape and get the technique I have today that puts maybe less wear and tear on me. But I think I’ve earned it with my schedule and my buildup and maybe my mental side of the game as well.

As much as I take things very seriously, I am very laid back, so I can really let go very quickly. I truly believe this is a secret for a lot of the players and for the young guys is to be able, when you leave the site, to say: ‘O.K., I’m going to leave it behind.

I still know I’m a professional tennis player, but I’m relaxing. I’m doing it my way, whatever helps me decompress.’ Because if you are constantly like this. That’s when you burn out”.