Roger Federer: 'I am not sure French Open title is in my racquet'

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Roger Federer: 'I am not sure French Open title is in my racquet'

Can Roger Federer win the French Open? This is the question everybody, experts and fans, have been asking in recent weeks. The Swiss replied: "Don't know. A bit of a question mark for me. Some ways I feel similar to maybe the Australian Open in '17.

A bit of the unknown. I feel like I'm playing good tennis, but is it enough or is it enough against the absolute top guys when it really comes to the crunch? I'm not sure if it's in my racquet, you know. But I hope I can get myself in that position deep down in the tournament against the top guys, you know.

But first I need to get there and I know that's a challenge in itself. Yeah, it's definitely going to be an exciting tournament mentally to go through." Federer was also asked to describe Dustin Brown: "Unfortunately, I never played him.

Look, I'm a big fan of guys who play untraditional way and don't -- he's not the grinder that puts you into the ground and tries to beat you that way. He's gonna try to win every point in a different fashion and if he plays two shots the same it's a bit of a surprise.

I like that about him. He's got all the shots in the book; has a great return, great serve, great volley. He can be fast and explosive. He has a little bit of problem with his lower back that keeps coming back for him, which is tough.

He has a great feel around the net and I have seen him play some incredible matches in the past, especially at Wimbledon on the grass and Halle. I have practised with him once, I believe, in Dubai, and it was quite funny playing with him (smiling)."