Roger Federer got unlucky in Rome, but he may win French Open - Davenport

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Roger Federer got unlucky in Rome, but he may win French Open - Davenport

On Tennis Channel the former world No. 1 Lindsay Davenport commented on the Roger Federer's comeback to the French Open. The American said: "When you are still at the top of the game and you are in it to win big titles, it's not that easy to sit at home and watch other players do it if you are healthy.

And I think Roger found himself in a position this year he is feeling good about his game and about his body, he does not want to be sitting at home, he wants to give himself a chance. You never know. And with 20 Grand Slam titles you always think, Why not, this could happen.

He got a little bit unlucky in Rome, he played two matches in one day, he did not feel perfect the next day but he felt good enough that he got those matches in. He thinks he has a chance here, why should I not play."

Davenport added: "Any player except Rafa Nadal needs a bit of luck to win, sometimes it's the weather, draw, scheduling. Roger needs that a little bit now at 37 years of age to win here in Paris but if you saw him in the events prior to that and you have seen a glimpse of his practice, he is still a magician out there with his movement and he anticipates, he slides well and he is definitely a contender here."

On Madison Keys, Davenport said: “What we found worked well with Madison is the week before, getting onsite. And being around the site as much as possible, really took away a lot of the anxiety of like, ‘Oh my gosh’.

You get into Wimbledon if you do well at Eastbourne [the week before], or Sydney [ahead of the Australian Open], and you get in on Saturday and then all of a sudden you’re rushing to get one hit and then you go and try and play matches.

So no matter what happens, it was agreed that the whole week before would be onsite. We just learned that that works best for her. She knows now how to manage it all."