I learned a lot from my wife Mirka, says Roger Federer

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I learned a lot from my wife Mirka, says Roger Federer

In an interview to Le Figaro, Roger Federer commented on his wife Mirka's role in life. "She is very important in my life, I learned a lot from her. Like all the wives in the beginning of your relationship, they make you mature quicker, and she is three years older than me.

We know that an 18-year-old boy is not the same as an 18-year-old girl, men mature later. She is very strict but very professional. She is impressive. She has always been there for me. She helped me in everything she could and, Without that, it would have not been so easy for me as a player.

Having a relationship like this is a dream, especially with four children like now." Asked about their children's future, Federer added: "What they want to choose, I will support them. It will be interesting because my wife and I know about sports, but we do not head them in this direction.

We give them the opportunity, but it's not a priority. The most important thing for us is that they are good people and citizens." Another parent-player was Kim Clijsters, who commented on how her career changed in 2009: "I could only speak by myself, but I think her priorities changed less.

My father died, Jada was born, it was two big changes in my life and a big impact on the situations that, obviously, make you think in a different way as a human being. They make you feel in a different way and I am sure Serena is in the same situation.

When you give birth to a kid, everything changes, not just for your body, physically, but also emotionally. You learn more about yourself and on how to accept things being more patient. I think she is very smart about what she is doing.

She does not play a full schedule and I think she tries to make sure to be able to achieve her ultimate point in some moments. I think she knows what she has to do, achieving the maximum in the right moments, being fit enough and prepared when she wants that title"