Tsitsipas: 'Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal don't do crazy things, play right'

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Tsitsipas: 'Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal don't do crazy things, play right'

In a press conference at the French Open Stefanos Tsitsipas commented on his mindset in facing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Greek player said: "I know that with them I have to be twice more focused and not give points away.

They control the court so well. They know what they're doing. They know where they're playing, so everything is actually counted on these small details. I have seen the difference when I play the rest of the guys and them.

They don't overplay, don't do crazy things. But they play so right, and they always actually are confident with themselves, with anything they are doing. I think that's the difference that I have seen." On his approach to the French Open, Tsitsipas added: "I had a little bit of pressure and stress coming in that match.

I wouldn't hide it. When I enter the court, I always say to myself that if I manage to survive that match and if I manage to do well on that match -- every match that I play I have this mindset that if I win it, it's the best win of my career.

So that's the way I'm thinking, because I know that every opponent can be dangerous. Every opponent can cause damage. To me, every win is the best win of my career (smiling). I have to take it match by match. If I think too far, things might turn out to go reverse and go the other way around.

So I don't want to think that far. Obviously I want to stay here as long as possible, because the vibe of this tournament is nice. So let's just take it step by step." On his expectations, Tsonga added: "I am already happy of coming back after not competing there for two years.

I am an outsider, I am world No. 85... I have nothing to lose and I have not been going far for several years. I have no pressure, people ask me what's my goal and I reply them that's it's just to play my best tennis."