Roger Federer may be planning a farewell tour, says Schett

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Roger Federer may be planning a farewell tour, says Schett

In an interview to Standard, the Eurosport TV presenter Barbara Schett commented on why Roger Federer played the French Open. The German said: "It may be a planned farewell tour. He still plays a big tennis." On Stefanos Tsitsipas, Schett added: "I do not see him as a Grand Slam winner yet, unlike Thiem.

For a Major, it takes experience, consistency, being fit. Dominic played the last year's final, he knows how it works and that's not absolutely a disadvantage." On the women's side, Schett added: "We may mention ten names and another one wins.

There were amazing girls at my time: Hingis, Williams sisters, Margaret Court. I wish Serena breaks Court's record. The Australian got miscredited after her quotes. Serena should go into history as the most successful player."

Meanwhile Mats Wilander commented on the Mikael Ymer's chances: "We believe in him a lot, he reached the Wimbledon junior final when he was just 17 or 16 years old. The talent is there. But he was injured and he may not be at his best.

In the same time you should not put pressure on him, he should not try to show anything to us. But the confidence you get when you go through a Grand Slam qualifiying draw is unbelievable. So it's a bit shocking experience.

Now he played three sets, but you cannot compare it to when you sit in the locker room and you know you could play five sets against someone who never gives up a shot. It's difficult because it's his first Grand Slam campaign.

He played five sets in the Davis Cup, but Majors are different. It's nice to play five sets but you should not become nervous because otherwise it could quickly end."