Roger Federer: 'I have tried yoga when I had back pains'

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Roger Federer: 'I have tried yoga when I had back pains'

In an interview to Credit Suisse Roger Federer commented on the importance of being well recovered from a match or training session. The 20-time Grand Slam winner said: "Recovery has really always been the secret in sports.

Everybody tries to look for the next big thing that allows them to recover as quickly as possible. I've tried some yoga when I had back pains but when you're on the road it's hard to maintain the same routine all the time.

I actually do a lot of core exercises and body mobilizations. Especially in the morning to help me wake up and make sure I can walk straight. And then I believe in getting enough sleep, eating healthy, doing my stretching and having my massage."

"I rely more on the human factor. My secret weapon to my longevity and also to my success has been my fitness coach, Pierre Paganini, whom I've known since I was 14 years old. We have been working together for almost 25 years now.

Pierre knows my body inside out, he knows me as a person very well, he knows when I'm fit, he knows when I'm tired, he knows when I need a break or when he can push me. Pierre doesn't need to do any tests with me because he knows just by feeling where I'm at.

I think that is a big advantage over some of the other players who change their fitness coaches from time to time."