Roger Federer is my idol, says Diane Parry

In press conference in the French Open Diane Parry was asked who are her idols on the men's side

by Luigi Gatto
Roger Federer is my idol, says Diane Parry

In a press conference at the French Open, Diane Parry was asked who are her idols on the men's side. "Roger Federer, to no one's surprise", she said. And what about the female players? "I don't really have idols, but I like Serena Williams and Osaka.

I like her state of mind. I like the way she plays." Parry is the youngest French player to win a match in the French Open since Alize Cornet. How does she see her career going and what are her expectations and dreams? "Well, I try to stay focused on each day and not to have long expectations.

I try not to think about the future. I try to improve myself on a daily basis. One day at a time and we will see how things turn out. It's true that there are expectations. We're French. We play at the French Open. There are expectations.

I'm trying not to think about this and to focus on my game and what I have to do. I try not to think about everything around me and what other people might think." On her post-French Open plans, Parry added: "After the French Open, I still play with juniors.

So I will do the Wimbledon junior tournament. I will do some practice before the tournament. Then I go back to junior tournaments afterwards." On her relationship with Selena Janicijevic, Parry concluded: "Well, we grew up together.

We did all the junior tournaments together in France and in Europe. We were often together. She was one of the best French players. I haven't seen her for quite some time now, so I don't know how she plays now. But the federation will not give us a wild card if they do not think that we are fit for and ready for such a Grand Slam.

It depends on our past results as well. Of course, we do need maturity, and we need to have a game level that is adequate."

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