Roger Federer's success is half thank to wife Mirka, says Rosset

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Roger Federer's success is half thank to wife Mirka, says Rosset

In an interview Rene Stauffer commented on how important Mirka is for Roger Federer. The Swiss writer said: "For me Mirka Federer is the Monna Lisa of tennis. Everyone sees her behind the window but no one ever heard the sound of her voice.

She does not speak and she does not have social media channels. Twitter and Instagram either... However all the biggest magazines or shows would like to have her." "She was so motivated that if her coach asked her to run a marathon before the Training session, she would have done it.

Roger was surprised by how much she was involved. After an hour, he was bothered!" "She was pretty good", said the former French player Emilie Loit, who faced and beat Mirka thrice. "She had a complete game but nothing amazing.

Anyways, she did not have the same technique or relax as Roger." "Roger's half of success is thank to Roger. He had a tremendous influence since when they met. If you have a woman who gets tired at some point, you cannot be focused enough on tennis.

She is really behind him. And most of all, unlike him, she is able to say no. So many people have wrongly perceived her as a cold, hard, bad woman... She is a very nice person but who protects her husband so much. She has a voice and Roger listens at her a lot.

She modelled Roger." "It's true that in the beginning he spoke a lot about Mirka's body and his love for money", said a former relative. "Especially because there is this love story with a rich sultan that she dated before meeting Federer.

And it's true that as a couple she takes decisions and keeps the finances under control. But over the years and successes, people understood that she has a key role." "He once said hi to me in the locker room.

I do not know if he knows my name, it could be fun. But I have some crazy fans who may do a lot of noise. Obviously the difference of level will be enormous. My serve is biggest weapon. I will try to focus on it and if it works, it will help me although I have Federer on the other side of the net.

If I hit a 220km/h serve on the corner, his magic will have no effect. We will see how it goes but in tennis there is always a chance."