Tennis coach shares players who can challenge Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal


Tennis coach shares players who can challenge Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal

In an interview, the tennis coach Emilio Sanchez Vicario commented on the younger players' attempt to breakthrough. "Coinciding with Nadal, Djokovic, Federer and a bit with Andy Murray is difficult. Among the Next Gen, the most competitive guy is Dominic Thiem who won in Barcelona, Indian Wells, reached the French Open final...

he starts to be rival and competitor. You have to see if he is able to break the barrier and beat them in the Grand Slams. Alexander Zverev became more inconsistent, Daniil Medvedev is there but he has not the same kind of game as the others...

There is some uncertainty but it looks pretty well." "Arantxa's story is a sad one of the sport. She took several ways for love, but the good thing is that she became a mother, took care of her children and grow them. Regardless of the difficulties she has with the process and with her former husband and the judges, she is stronger every time and she wants to do things in the tennis world.

Hopefully, she can do it and she sees some light in her life." "The competition is a very slow and selected process. In tennis, you have 100 professionals in the world. When I played there were 100 who earned a living and now there are 100 too.

You need to have an unbelievable technique, tactics, body, mentality. As an Academy, we achieved many more results than several Federations did."

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