Mahut: I knew I had the chance to face Roger Federer in fourth round

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Mahut: I knew I had the chance to face Roger Federer in fourth round

Nicolas Mahut lost to Leonardo Mayer in four sets in the third round of the 2019 French Open. The Frenchman still had a great moment with his son by his side as he left the court. "I was really emotional to see him on the court.

He comes on a win but also when I lose," said Mahut. "I have the comfort of my young boy. A lot of emotions. The tiredness of the match. My body was aching everywhere today. I finally, that match was over, and finally, he comes to comfort me.

Normally he's the one who is crying, and I'm comforting him and today was the contrary. Very moving, indeed. The audience was incredible. Coming out of the court from a Roland court hasn't happened so often to me in my career, and it's something I will remember forever.

I tried to contain my tears, and to come out of the court holding my head high. I didn't see that. That's good if he was emotional, too. I'm happy about that. I don't know if it was my last match in Roland, but if it were the case, I finished Roland Garros in a beautiful way.

I wanted to come out of the court by giving everything. I was able to do that during my three matches. Today there is some sadness because I felt that I was at the right tennis level. I rarely played at that level at Roland Garros before, and I was capable of doing something today.

But my opponent was very good in the serve. And then my body wasn't at the right level. But I'm demanding very much from my body, so I'm not going to be too severe with my body."

Seeing Mahut facing Roger Federer on the Philippe Chatrier would have been a great clash between two veterans.

And instead, Mayer will be there. "I knew I would have the possibility to play Roger in the round of 16, and that's what was pushing me forward, also. But in the end, I said, Well, I have to go back to the locker rooms and assess the situation. But that match, I went very far in trying to control the pain."