Mayer: 'If we played 20 sets, Roger Federer would have won all of them'

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Mayer: 'If we played 20 sets, Roger Federer would have won all of them'

Leonardo Mayer lost to Roger Federer in straight sets, 6-3 6-3 6-2, in the French Open fourth round. In a press conference, the Argentinean player admitted he was never close to competing on the same level against the Swiss.

"It was a very strange day because I have not played and that made a difference. If you do not play well it's like raising a mountain. I have not found a way. He used a lot of variety and I have not found the rhythm. If we play 20 sets I would not win even one and I would never break him.

I wanted to make him play from uncomfortable positions but the wind, the fast court and my slow footwork have not allowed me to do that. If you get broken twice, coming back is impossible, he gets relaxed and his game variety makes you struggle.

He beat me very easy. Facing Federer is nice but he makes you feel bad on court." On how it would have been like to face Stefanos Tsitsipas, Federer said: "The last three matches we played against each other with Stefanos at Hopman Cup, Australia, and then Dubai, were, you know, obviously on a faster court, especially Dubai and Perth, I thought.

There was a lot of domination by serving, you know. It was hard to get into the rallies and all that. Australia was a little bit slower, and I think I played a few, you know, should have been more offensive overall especially as the match went on.

I didn't do that enough. So I was able to change that for Dubai and was able to control the match this way. Now on clay, it's very different, you know. I would definitely have to look back into how Stefanos plays on clay.

Obviously, he returns from further back, he's not so far in. But he moves very naturally on the clay surface. So he's coming in with tons of matches, as well, in the year but also on clay, with a great win against Rafa in Madrid.

So, you know, I'm expecting a tough match. He's got the options to serve and volley. I saw him doing that in Monte-Carlo against Medvedev, but then also he's happy to rally from the baseline. He can figure it out, depending on the conditions.

I'm hearing it's going to be maybe raining, 20 degrees on Tuesday. That's going to anyway put some adjustments on to all the players playing on that day. Yeah, I'll still have to look into it."