Roger Federer: 'There was a chance I'd lose to Mayer in straight sets'

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Roger Federer: 'There was a chance I'd lose to Mayer in straight sets'

Roger Federer believes that reaching the French Open quarter-finals is a good result for him considering that he last played in the tournament four years ago. The Basel native said: "I do believe that I am a normal guy, and I have to know what is the worst-case scenario.

I mean, just for me as a player, for me as a father, for me as a husband, I need to know schedules. So I have to plan both ways always. Of course, it's not very long I talk about it, not every day, because otherwise, you get into this negative spiral that you don't want to be in.

But I think it's the same with your game. You need to be brutally honest to yourself sometimes and just say, I don't know, my forehand is terrible right now. I'm not going to tell myself, It's great. That's why sometimes you go to the practice court and work on it.

Same thing with your body; you need to know the things that are working and not working. As the unknown on the clay and here in Paris, to some extent, was still high, you know, it was a scenario, you know. Like it was today a scenario to also lose in straight sets.

Like for that matter, any match I play on the tour for the last 20 years, there is a chance I lose in straight sets. But I take enough shirts on the court, I take enough racquets, strings, shoes, I'm ready for the battle.

And I'm there to fight. I'm not going to go without trying. But, yeah, I mean, of course, the hope was to go deep, you know, and I'm in the quarters now, so I'm very, very happy at this point."