Roger Federer is all elegance and honesty - Alex Corretja

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Roger Federer is all elegance and honesty - Alex Corretja

In an interview to El Pais, the former world No. 2 Alex Corretja commented on the greatness of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard said: "The three are brutal. I go very relaxed interviewing any of them because I know that it will be great.

They know their game very well and they know when people praise it. Djokovic was always funny, Rafa speaks in a perfect way and Federer speaks the way he is: all elegance and honesty. I coincided with him playing, we spend many hours together in the locker room and he jokes so much.

He does not stop joking with his team... I would not say he has a kid's mentality but inside himself, he is a kid and that's very good. He has a lot of insights. You can ask him about everything, he will always answer you.

He never hides, he has a lot of personality speaking. In the end, people want to know how they are inside, from a human point of view, because they already know the player." Players tend to say the same things without going on the headlines too much.

Why? "It's very complicated. The social media create a lot of controversies and sometimes they do not want to say too much because their comments can be misunderstood. Then It affects you. In the end, players are sensitive athletes because they are followed by a team playing alone."