Diego Schwartzman: Roger Federer is the best at hitting unbelievable shots

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Diego Schwartzman: Roger Federer is the best at hitting unbelievable shots

In an interview with Tennis Legend Diego Schwartzman commented on how his height influences his game. "I am very good. I know my serve is not the strongest shot," said the Argentinean player. "Many players can hit strong serves, but I am very good on the return.

In the last two or three years I have been returning very well. I always end up among the best five returners on Tour. I have to improve a lot because the biggest players are more powerful than me, but I do not think about my height or my opponents' on court.

I just try to be focused and nothing else. Am I less talented than others? No, I think that saying that this player is more talented than the other or that he can do more things than this one, that's very difficult. I think all the players, in order to be here, have something.

I have advantages compared to the big players and viceversa but I do not think they are more talented than me." Asked who is the most talented, Schwartzman replied: "It depends on what talent we speak of. If talent is about hitting unbelievable shots, probably it's Roger Federer.

If we speak of talent in terms of mind, mental strength, I think Rafael Nadal is the most talented one." Schwartzman achieved a career-high world ranking at No. 11 just 12 months after losing the French Open quarter-finals to Nadal.

He reached the third round at Wimbledon, losing to Matteo Berrettini of Italy in five sets. Schwartzman, however, had three match points to reach the pre-quarter-finals. As a result of his win, Berrettini will play Federer in the fourth round.